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Winterbrook prepared an update of the Ontario Comprehensive Plan, which included a new policy framework for managing development within the Malheur River riparian area and floodplain.  These policies were linked to the City’s buildable lands inventory and were used by the Technical Advisory Committee to advise City and County decision-makers on growth management alternatives.  As a result, future growth was directed away from the Malheur River natural area, which will be reserved for future wetland and floodplain mitigation banking and open space. The revised comprehensive plan was adopted, unanimously, by the City Council and County Court.

Working closely with local and state offices (City, County, DLCD, ODOT, OBDD and Governor’s Office staff) Winterbrook prepared a fast-track urban growth boundary amendment to facilitate the siting of a large industrial firm in Ontario.  The amendment was unanimously approved by the Ontario City Council and the Malheur County Court and was approved by the DLCD Director.