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Winterbrook has been selected to perform a variety of land use and environmental planning tasks to support Multnomah County Drainage Districts (MCDD) and affiliated drainage districts.

The Columbia River drainage districts face a myriad of issues surrounding FEMA accreditation for the 28 miles of levees and ditches that protect 12,000 acres from periodic flooding. Our first major project will be obtaining a “programmatic tree permit” from Portland for drainage system maintenance. Winterbrook provides on-call land use and environmental planning services for Multnomah County Drainage District and Peninsula Drainage Districts #1 (PEN1) and #2 (PEN2). These services range from preparing district-wide programmatic permits, securing local, state and federal environmental compliance for District facilities, to developing strategies to improve and streamline local policy and regulations.

The following is a selection of recent projects:

Programmatic Permit – Urban Forestry

  • Winterbrook led the development of a two-year Programmatic Permit (PP) to manage tree removal, pruning and replacement throughout the 3 Districts.
  • Through extensive negotiation with staff from multiple City bureaus, Winterbrook secured favorable tree removal and mitigation terms, and a full fee waiver for the PP.
  • In 2017, Winterbrook helped the District secure renewal of the PP for an expanded 4-year period.
  • Winterbrook currently provides on-call tree management assistance for the PP.

City of Portland Policy & Code Review

  • Winterbrook leads a multi-phase evaluation of Portland environmental regulations with the goal of developing new standards and exemptions for certain low-impact District improvements.
  • Winterbrook engaged with District engineering consultants to look at the range of potential projects that could be covered by code and policy amendments.
  • Short-term fixes target OSHA required safety improvements; longer-term strategies will focus on facility improvements throughout the MCDD, PEN1 and PEN2 District areas.

Environmental Compliance Projects

  • Winterbrook prepared environmental studies including impact assessments, wetland delineations, mitigation and landscape plans, and procured state and federal permits for a series of waterway and levee access projects over the past several years.
  • Winterbrook obtained local land use approvals for each project, including both Type II and Type III Environmental Review approvals.
  • Other tasks include on-call compliance inspections, mitigation monitoring, and review of archeological documentation.