Winterbrook Planning turns 20!

Date: June 1, 2021
Categories: Company Updates

Greg Winterowd and Tim Brooks formed Winterbrook Planning 20 years ago in Portland, Oregon, in order to help their clients solve complex land use and environmental planning issues.

Winterbrook Planning was created with a unique and pioneering approach to planning and environmental permitting in mind. Our experience with, and ability to navigate, these complex and overlapping responsibilities allows us to see the big picture. This comprehensive approach to environmental and land use planning allows us to streamline the process and reach an efficient and satisfactory solution for all interested parties. This strategy has led to longstanding partnerships as go-to land use and environmental permitting experts across the Pacific Northwest over the last 2 decades. 

Jesse Winterowd recently took up the torch by becoming Managing Principal, as we look forward to the next several decades as a leader in land use and environmental permitting.

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