Save the Date: Housing Land Advocates 2024 Conference

Date: February 7, 2024
Categories: Events

Get ready for a housing solutions extravaganza at the Housing Land Advocates 2024 Annual Conference on March 8 in Portland! With a theme of “Not Just Talk: Strategies to Meet Our Housing Production Goals,” this event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about tackling housing shortages head-on.

Our very own Ben Schonberger, as an HLA board member, is helping to facilitate the event, and Winterbrook Planning is a sponsor.

Join the Winterbrook Planning team at the Smith Memorial Student Union for a day filled with innovative discussions and practical strategies. Immerse yourself in sessions like “Making the Most of Our Urban Lands,” “Goal 1 and Housing Production,” and “Rural Housing Production.” The HLA expert panelists will dive deep into the challenges and opportunities in these areas, providing you with actionable insights to make an impact.

Don’t miss the highlight of the day—the presentation of the Ed Sullivan Affordable Housing Advocate Award, celebrating individuals dedicated to making a difference in affordable housing.

The conference will culminate in a panel on “Innovations in Housing Production.” Discover groundbreaking approaches, from tiny-home communities to age-friendly design, that promise to revolutionize the affordable housing landscape.

Let’s turn discussions into actions and pave the way for a housing-secure future. See you at the Housing Land Advocates 2024 Annual Conference! Secure your spot now!