Eagle Landing Townhomes


Happy Valley, Oregon 


Scotia Western States Housing 

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Winterbrook Planning worked with Scotia Western States Housing on a development consisting of 63 condominium-style townhomes in Happy Valley. 

The proposal is the revival of a previously approved project that consisted of 85 units in 4-story condominium-style townhomes. The previous project was cancelled due to the 2008 housing crash. Utilities have already been installed on site, and the basic layout continues to be similar to the previous land use approval. This proposal adds additional common open space areas and proposes 3-story instead of 4-story buildings.

In the land use application Winterbrook Planning prepared, Scotia Western States Housing requested two separate but consolidated land use reviews: a design review for 63 condominium-style townhomes, and a Land Division to create a stormwater/open space tract.

Land Use Application approval

The application was unanimously approved by the Happy Valley Design Review Board on February 24th, 2021.

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