The Dalles Periodic Review Program

Phase I of this multi-phase project began in 2006 with Winterbrook’s collaboration with ECONorthwest to prepare population, housing and economic studies, a buildable lands inventory, Goal 14 and Urban Reserve rule findings, and comprehensive plan policy and map amendments necessary to justify The Dalles 2026 UGB and 2056 URA expansion. Winterbrook worked closely with the City, Wasco County, and the Columbia River Gorge Commission to coordinate the review and adoption process with a Technical Advisory Committee, both Planning Commissions, the City Council and the County Court. The Wasco County Court adopted coordinated population projections, and The Dalles Planning Commission unanimously recommended approved of the plan amendment package in 2007.

In Phase II, Winterbrook prepared amendments to the City’s development code and public facilities plan to allow for phased expansion within the newly adopted UGB.

In Phase III, Winterbrook managed a comprehensive evaluation of scenic, cultural and natural resources in a 7,000 acre study area to determine potential impacts from urban growth boundary expansion into the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

In the current Phase IV, Winterbrook is assisting the City and affected governmental agencies to develop a coordinated review process that considers and balances the needs of state and federal agencies when accommodating planned urban growth.