Scappoose Industrial Lands Program


Scappoose, Oregon 


City of Scappoose 

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Winterbrook led a team including Johnson-Reid, Otak, and DKS in evaluating the City of Scappoose’s ability to capitalize on its unique economic development and locational advantages.

The project involved extensive stakeholder collaboration to set the framework for a successful land use process. Winterbrook led a 10-month Technical Advisory Committee process including the Port of St. Helens, Columbia County, ODOT, and DLCD, as well as citizens and interested landowners. The TAC recommended approval of an Economic Opportunities Analysis and Urban Growth Boundary expansion.

Winterbrook developed land use studies, code and plan amendments. Products developed included an Economic Opportunities Analysis, GIS mapping, findings of compliance with local, county, and statewide planning regulations, Development Code and Comprehensive Plan amendments to implement the EOA, and transportation and infrastructure studies. Winterbrook represented the client through successful City Planning Commission, City Council, County Planning Commission, and County Board of Commissioners hearings.

The City of Scappoose and Columbia County adopted the proposed urban growth boundary expansion and comprehensive plan amendments.