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Winterbrook’s professionalism, expertise, understanding of the process, and ability to communicate to the State, County, District and public was outstanding.

David Horner

Director of Business Services, McMinnville School District

Comprehensive Plan and Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Amendment

Winterbrook worked closely with the City of McMinnville to prepare a Comprehensive Plan and Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) amendment for McMinnville Public Schools. Winterbrook also advised Business Manager David Horner and project architects on the purchase of additional land for future high school use and on elements of the District’s Facilities Master Plan. Greg Winterowd coordinated with Department of Land Conservation and Development Regional Manager Geoff Crook, as well as the Oregon Department of Transportation (Dan Fricke) in this matter. The McMinnville Planning Commission and City Council, and the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the UGB / Comprehensive Plan amendment proposal. ODOT supported, and DLCD approved the City / County amendment despite objections from 1000 Friends of Oregon.

Conditional Use Permits

Winterbrook led land use permitting tasks for multiple expansions of McMinnville High School in 2007 and 2016. As part of the permitting process, Winterbrook led public meetings for potentially affected neighbors, and presented the projects to McMinnville’s Planning Commission and City Council. The projects required written findings of fact and careful coordination with project architects, transportation experts, and city staff. 

For the 2007 Facilities Bond ($66.8 million), Winterbrook prepared the conditional use permit for development the new Sue Buel Elementary. This project included working with project engineers and city staff on a pick-up/drop-off plan that ensures student safety. The school was approved, constructed, and opened in 2008.