The Dalles Periodic Review Projects

Winterbrook managed a comprehensive evaluation of scenic, cultural and natural resources in a 7,000 acre study area to determine potential impacts from urban growth boundary expansion into the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

In the National Scenic Area, UGB expansion is regulated by both the Land Conservation and Development Commission and the Gorge Commission, and must meet highly demanding (and sometimes conflicting) criteria and standards. After coordinating with tribal representatives and city, county, Gorge Commission and DLCD staff regarding inventory methods, Winterbrook researched available state and national databases and conducted field inventories of fish and wildlife habitat, riparian corridors and wetlands, and state and federally listed plant species for use in a comparative impact evaluation.

Winterbrook also supervised the work of Ecotrust and Willamette Cultural Resources Associates in conducting comprehensive inventories of scenic and cultural resources. The City received a follow-up DLCD grant to coordinate with affected governmental agencies in developing a coordinated review process that considers and balances the needs of state and federal agencies when accommodating planned urban growth.