More time at Smith Rock!

Date: May 9, 2024
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Grace Coffey and Larissa Gladding took some time away from the office to visit Smith Rock State Park!

Winterbrook Planning has been working on the Smith Rock State Park master plan. However, Grace and Larissa understand the importance of experiencing the environment firsthand! So they indulged in Smith Rock’s beauty with some rock climbing and hiking.

Smith Rock State Park, Grace Coffey

Grace and Larissa

The trip allowed them to connect with the park on a casual and personal level. They were able to hike the trails and experience the unique characteristics and challenges of the park, ensuring that their planning efforts are grounded in a genuine understanding of the site.

Smith Rock State Park, Grace Coffey

Grace Coffey climbing the epic cliffs of Smith Rock State Park

Grace also took the opportunity to do some rock climbing on the majestic walls of Smith Rock. The pictures they captured on the  adventure were stunning!

Winterbrook leads the land use planning and compliance tasks for Oregon Parks and Recreation’s Smith Rock Master Plan. Working with a team led by Greenworks, Winterbrook prepared a land use framework for phase 1 of the Master Plan, guiding the design team on creative strategies to meet local, state and federal regulatory requirements. This phase involved extensive coordination with Deschutes County or Oregon State Parks staff. 

In the current implementation phase, the team is developing detailed designs for the Welcome Center, expanded trail system, and updated parking and utilities. Winterbrook participated in the field siting and review of these facilities. 

When the design is complete, Winterbrook will lead the land use and public hearing process, which will include Conditional Use, Landscape Management, and Site Plan Reviews.