Duniway Elementary roof project in the news

Date: January 19, 2024
Categories: Project Updates

As part of an on-call contract with Portland Public Schools, Winterbrook Planning led the district through a Historic Resources Review for replacing a tile roof and masonry elements at Duniway School. The school, constructed in 1926 in a Collegiate Gothic style, is a Portland-designated historic landmark.

The permitting process included writing a detailed narrative and findings, coordination with the project architect and historic resources consultant, and presentation at the Historic Landmarks Commission.

The restoration, initiated in 2021, faced challenges due to the school’s official historic landmark status. Phase one involved repairing newer sections, while phase two required historic preservation permits for the intricate work on clay tiles, concrete balustrades, and skylights. Despite potential complications, a skilled team of experts, including other Portland-based companies, contributed to the project’s success.

The lastest Portland Public School District’s article details some key players thoughts:

“Our building is a part of Portland history,” [Principal Philip Rafferty] said. “It’s also really beautiful. Both of those are worth preserving.”

Mathew Braun is the project’s lead architect, agreed. “You don’t see many buildings like this one anymore. You couldn’t even build it today.”

“There’s something about coming to a school this beautiful every day,” Rafferty said. “We love it. We take pride in it. It really lifts the spirits.”