DLCD Housing Planning Assistance

In Oregon, local governments are working hard to meet diverse housing needs and comply with state requirements, with critical support from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) through grant funding.

Dayton, Happy Valley, Rainier, Sweet Home, and Tangent have all been working with Winterbrook Planning to make the most of their DLCD housing grants. Below is a summary of the program spanning the 2023-2025 biennium funding outlined in the DLCD housing planning assistance grant packet.

Dayton, Happy Valley, Rainier, Sweet Home, Tangent, Oregon. DLCD housing planning assistance. Winterbrook Planning project

Dayton, Happy Valley, Rainier, Sweet Home, Tangent, Oregon.

Program Description

DLCD provides resources to help Oregon communities update local land use plans and ordinances in response to growth and resource protection issues. For the 2023-25 biennium, DLCD anticipates legislative funding to support local governments in:

Developing, adopting, and implementing housing plans:

    • Housing Capacity Analyses (HCA) (Please note: DLCD does not recommend commencing a housing capacity analysis in the 2023-25 biennium as administrative rules will be updated by January 1, 2025, consistent with House Bill 2001 (2023 Session). If your city has an upcoming HCA deadline, please contact the housing team.)
    • Housing Production Strategies (HPS)
    • These plans are necessary for compliance with Goal 10.

Urbanization and public facilities planning:

    • Supporting development readiness
    • Amending Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB) as needed.

Updating local development codes and comprehensive plans:

    • Ensuring compliance with state housing statutes
    • Reducing regulatory barriers to housing production.

Eligible Projects and Evaluation Criteria

Eligible applicants include cities and counties with statutory housing requirements or those aiming to facilitate housing production. Projects are evaluated based on their alignment with state goals, potential impact on housing availability, and readiness for implementation.

  • Cities and Counties with an applicable statutory requirement related to housing, including
    • Goal 10 planning
    • Goal 14 planning
    • Middle Housing requirements
    • Other housing related statutory requirements
  • Cities or Counties optionally seeking to facilitate housing production, affordability, or choice
  • Counties, regional governemtns, or councils of governement seeking to pursue a regionally-based project or support one or more cities or counties with a housing related project or projects