Grace Coffey, Winterbrook Planning


  • Master of City and Regional Planning
    Pratt Institute
  • Bachelor of Psychology
    Florida International University


  • Board President of the Women’s Empowerment Coalition of NYC

Interesting Facts:

  • Spent three months in Palestine as a human rights monitor working with local NGOs and the United Nations.
  • Worked with Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the Women’s March, which was the largest single-day protest in US history.
  • Part of the coalition to close the jails on Rikers Island in NYC.
  • Lobbied NYC City Council to pass the Right to Know Act which obligates NYPD officers to identify themselves and provide business cards for accountability as well as explaining when a person has the right to deny a search that is requested without legal justification.
  • Worked on “The Fight for $15” campaign while working with Arab American Association of New York

Amanda Philip is an Assistant Planner with Winterbrook Planning. She specializes in community engagement, development projects, data analysis, and research. Her extensive background in working with non-profits, municipalities, and a tech-focused construction company has honed her ability to analyze cost and resource data, and create compelling narratives.

“I love when my work intersects with talking to people and learning how they experience the world.”

Amanda pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Florida International University in Miami. There, she developed her ability to listen, empathize, reframe perspectives, and communicate. After graduating, she then went to India for six months to connect with her heritage and volunteer with various organizations. Upon return to the US, and with an invigorated motivation to use her psychology background to serve housing needs, she worked with Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, where she first came across urban planning, and she saw an opportunity to utilize her broad range of experiences to make an impact.

While pursuing her Master in City and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute, she worked with various non-profits and legislative campaigns. At the start of her last semester, she got a job as an Urban Development Analyst at a modular construction tech start-up iBuilt. Shortly after completion of her Masters, she was promoted to Director of Staff.

From here, she looked to utilize her degree and further her planning career. Her interest in housing and economic development projects, and exploring the connection with their environment, led her to Winterbrook Planning.

Representative Experience:

iBuilt — Planned global outsourcing strategy, managed cross-functional teams (design, procurement, research and development), trained teams on new software to improve efficiency and customer engagement, researched construction technology (contech) companies to provide recommendations for integration of Internet of Things (IoT) to boost product value, all with the goal of making  the construction process faster, cheaper, more sustainable, and more efficient.

Human Rights Monitor in Occupied Palestinian Territories — Monitored and documented human rights abuse cases near military checkpoints, schools, and places of worship. Wrote qualitative and quantitative reports to be used in testimony and policy change by the United Nations and NGOs.

NYC Service: Civic Corps — Recruited, trained, and coordinated volunteers for youth development, adult education, citizenship tutoring, casework, and administrative programs, sourcing 70+ volunteers with 4500+ hours of collective service. Upheld grant compliance by monitoring and evaluating volunteer progress and compiling detailed reports